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Post tension

Post tension The need to reduce the height of structural elements and increase the open space between columns has lead to the wide use of post tension design. While post tension design provides a plethora of design opportunities, it also creates challenges when modifications must be made. SEG has developed a unique expertise in both post tension new building design and in building retrofits that require modification to the post tension structure.

Historic Evaluations and Modifications

Historic Evaluations and Modifications From reinforcing aging structures to maintaining historic treasures, SEG has developed a unique turn-key structural solution to historic evaluations and modifications. The basis for this approach is SEG’s ability to provide both high quality design and construction services utilizing an optional design/build approach to historic modifications. Upon completion of a historic evaluation clients have the option to retain SEG to complete standard construction drawings and specifications for the modification, or to engage SEG as the design/builderprime manager to complete the project.

Structural Load Evaluations utilizing Finite Element Analysis

Structural Load Evaluations utilizing Finite Element Analysis The engineers at SEG are experts in finite element analysis, an evaluation tool that provides a comprehensive look at a structure to identify precise stress - strain calculations. Using this method to calculate structural loads ensures that structural reinforcing measures are truly required for a project and often minimizes the amount of reinforcement needed on a project.

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